For over a decade, Peterpan® has been simplifying and enriching the lives of everyday consumers. We make products for real people, with real needs. Peterpan® products include common household items that are improved by our commitment to cutting-edge innovation and appealing design , including hot water bottles for adults and children, hot/cold treatment bags, thermal mats for pets and more.

Peterpan® and RVDKBULB® products are designed in the United States, by our team of talented engineers that is known for innovation and creativity. We prioritize simple, sophisticated and elegant design – Peterpan® and RVDKBULB® products don't just look good , they are good! Our designs are produced in China, in manufacturing centers rated for outstanding results. This combination of American design talent and Chinese manufacturing expertise ensures our products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and affordability.

We aim to make it easier, simpler and more fun for you . Thank you for trusting Peterpan® and RVDKBULB® for the products you need to make life better.